In some recent research that I conducted, only 4% of respondents felt that First Time Leaders were fully supported in their organisation. That’s why this program exists.

The Step Up and Show Up program is designed to deliver First Time Leaders with the clarity and confidence that allows them to make a contribution to their team and their organisation. We know that as First Time Leaders lift their contribution, this frees up senior leaders to do more of the high impact work that drives their organisation.

Participants will work through a structured program complemented by ongoing support that enables them to lift their contribution. They will articulate the value that they add as a leader, structure their days and weeks more productively, build and strengthen their networks and develop skills to continually adapt in a rapidly changing operating environment. The Step Up & Show Up program is designed to support the embedding of these changes.

  • 12 month structured program
  • 4 quarterly workshops
  • Monthly webinars
  • Weekly implementation support
  • Digital content
  • Maximum 16 participants

See below for a four minute video with a bit more information

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